Tango World Championship 2019

The Tango Dance World Championship is an international competition between tango dancers that takes place annually since 2003, during the month of August, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It competes in two categories: tango scenario and track tango. The championship takes place within the framework of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World event.


Every year the Festival and World of Tango takes place in the city of Buenos Aires. Free pass.

The Festival and World Tango brings together the best tango dancers in the world. During the 2019 Festival and World Tango, different shows, workshops, talks, dances are held where tango is the protagonist. The Festival brings together the most important musicians and tango orchestras.

At this time thousands of dancers and audiences from all over the world come to the city to be part of the competition of this classic. It lasts 14 days and the competition consists of three stages:  qualifying ,  semifinals  and the  final . During the development of the World Cup, the public will also be able to enjoy milongas, exhibitions, free thematic classes, dance shows and  Work in Progress  from the most prestigious companies.

Curiosity : More than 500,000 people attend the festival every year and close to 500 compete, selected in rounds.

Information of the 2019 Edition of the Festival and World Tango

When? Dates: From 8 to 21 August 2019.

Where?  Different spaces. Free admission, with limited places.

Tickets (Important):

Tickets for all shows scheduled at the  Usina del Arte  (Chamber and Auditorium),  25 de Mayo Cultural Center ,  Belgrano Auditorium ,  Margarita Xirgu Theater  and  Tango Club Academy  may be withdrawn 2 hours before each performance at the Post of Reports of each headquarters. 2 (two) tickets will be delivered per person until the capacity of the room is exhausted.

For the shows programmed in the  Julián Centeya Cultural Space ,  Carlos Gardel Cultural Space ,  Adán Buenosayres Cultural Space ,  Resurgence Cultural Space ,  Urban Track ,  Monteviejo Theater ,  Film Museum ,  Carlos Gardel House Museum ,  National Academy of Tango  and  Academia Porteña del Lunfardo , entries can be withdrawn from 1 hour before each function in the Information Center of each location. One (one) ticket will be delivered per person until the capacity of the room is exhausted.

Agenda and programming : 

Usina del Arte : Agustín Caffarena 29, La Boca.

From Monday 12 to Thursday August 15 at the Usina del Arte (Agustín Caffarena 29, La Boca) the preliminary rounds of «Tango de Pista» and «Tango Escenario» will take place. On Friday 16 will be presented the pairs classified in the preliminaries held in Argentina and in all competitions around the world. And also in the Usina del Arte, on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 the semifinals will take shape.

Finals at Luna Park

The finals, as is tradition, will take place at the Luna Park stadium, on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 August.


TANGO pista

The tango de piste (formerly known as salon tango) is developed in groups of 10 couples dancing simultaneously, without choosing the music. Couples should stand in a circle and turn counterclockwise. The competition consists of four rounds in which three songs are played per round. At the final stage of the championship, 40 couples arrive.

This modality seeks to respect the essential characteristics of the tango dance and establishes more strict coregregatory rules than the tango modality scenario:

The embrace can not be broken while the music lasts, understood by an embrace that one of the dancers must always be «content» by the other member’s embrace, in an elastic sense;

Jumps are forbidden;

Clothing is not taken as a qualification parameter.

By regulation, the jury is obliged to qualify having mainly «in mind the musicality, the connection between the couple and the elegance in the walk». In this modality, improvisation and the use of popular choreographic figures (cuts, quebradas, corridas, sweeps, exits to the floor, threads, etc.) are fundamental.


The tango scenario is developed with couples who dance alone and choose music. Each one dances four minutes. It is characterized by the choreographic and dramatic display of each couple. At the end, 20 couples arrive. 5

This modality, unlike the tango of track, looks for the choreographic freedom and the expression of the multiple variations with which the dance of tango appears in the world, but without losing identity:

It is allowed to break the hug but the regulation also warns that it must have «reason to be and (to be performed) for the benefit of the presentation»;

Jumps are allowed and resources of other dances are used, but not exceeding one third of the presentation time;

The choreography should include «the classic figures of tango: the eights, the turns, the long walks, the volleys, the hooks and the» milonguero hug «»;

Clothing can be an evaluation point

Where to stay during the Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires

During the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires we know that it is important to be calm and focused (if you come to compete) and surrounded by the tango essence to stay in tune with the competition.

For this reason we recommend you to stay at ALMA DE BOHEMIA CASA & TANGO in the City of Buenos Aires, very close to all the central points of the competition’s programming.

We offer private rooms for 2 people, with daily breakfast, sheets and towels in a typical, bright and comfortable old-style house in Buenos Aires.

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Double Private Room with Balcony + Breakfast


Private Room for 2 with Balcony + Breakfast


Registration to the Tango World Cup Buenos Aires

Instructions for registration to the Tango World Cup Buenos Aires

To register for the Tango World Cup it is necessary to complete the following form or personally approach the Usina del Arte (Agustín Caffarena 29, La Boca, CABA) from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The registration is completed with the accreditation instance, where at least one member of the couple must present both documents (DNI or Passport – as appropriate – original of the two dancers) one of the following days at the Art Factory (Puerta of Income by Agustín Caffarena 49):

Friday, August 9 from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday, August 10 from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The couples registered in the Tango Stage category who have not been able to upload their song online, must bring a copy of the music on a pendrive exclusively in mp3 format. No musical files will be received by mail or by direct download from cell phones.

The competition will take place on the following days:

Tango Pista:

Qualifying Rounds: August 12 and 13, 2019, Usina del Arte from 11 a.m.

Semifinal: August 17, 2019, Usina del Arte from 10 a.m.

Final: August 20, 2019, Luna Park Stadium at 7pm.

Tango Scenario:

Qualifying Rounds: August 14 and 15, 2019, Usina del Arte from 11 a.m.

Semifinal: August 18, 2019, Usina del Arte from 10 a.m.

Final: August 21, 2019, Luna Park Stadium at 7pm.

Please remember that the DNI or ORIGINAL passports must be presented obligatorily in ALL instances of participation. No expired documents, photocopies, or reports of theft or DNI / passport certificates in process will not be accepted as valid. For Argentine participants, the only valid DNI is the new digital document (card type) in force.

* Enroll in the World Tango presupposes the acceptance of its regulations.

If you have any questions, you can call (+54) (11) 4909-2076 from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. or by e-mail to competencia@festivales.gob.ar


Guided visits

I toured the city with guides and learned all about this dance, which was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The Tourism Agency offers different guided tours to explore the tango areas for excellence. Join the free guided tours of « Tango Bars «. In addition, you can visit the Tango Monument on  a guided tour of Puerto Madero